About The Decentralized Marketing Network

The Decentralized Marketing Network was established to address the industry-wide challenge of accelerating mass adoption of blockchain based products and services. The DMN offers blockchain, decentralized, and crypto start-ups a peer-to-peer environment to learn the basics of marketing from world-class experts in a collaborative forum to understand the successes and failures of others.

Membership is currently free and offers multiple benefits including a “quick tips on marketing” newsletter, regular educational webinars, and a Slack channel. The Decentralized Marketing Network has over 100 members from around the world. Founders include: Storj, Rootstock, OpenBazaar, Tierion, Funderbeam, and Never Stop Marketing.


Meet the Team

Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstein, Executive Director of the Decentralized Marketing Network and the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has twenty years of international marketing experience in helping to bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. Most recently, Jeremy was VP, Marketing at Sprinklr which grew from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to $1.3 billion valuation and 900 people in 3 years. Jeremy currently works with some of the leading and most innovative companies in the blockchain/decentralization space including OB1, OpenBazaar, Fermat, the Internet of People, and Storj.

Chris Cable

Chris Cable, Community Manager of the Decentralized Marketing Network, has over ten years of experience working in finance and marketing in the US, UK and Australia. He is currently leading Diageo’s marketing analytics practice in North America where he oversees the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to measure and evaluate over $400m of annual advertising spend. Chris’ passion for blockchain technology has led him to the DMN where he manages all day-to-day operations and interactions with members.


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